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Presentation Skills

Public Speaking: Tips for Success Have you been asked to deliver a keynote or speech? Do the members of your team need to improve their communication skills?

When speakers convey confidence the audience also assumes s/he is also competent. Discover how to create and deliver a speech or presentation that will impress them.

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Working Together

Team building can be easily overlooked; especially in time of budget constraints. However, the dividends that you reap from spending some time on helping your team members connect to the other humans on their team can be huge.

We can help you reap those dividends by providing engaging and interactive content and activities.



Coaching Skills

The difference between commitment and compliance is measurable by the results produced by your employees. People who comply deliver the minimum while those who are committed to you tend to excel at their jobs. That dedication is built on trust and respect. Train your managers how to respectfully communicate and provide helpful feedback to build trusting and respectful relationships.

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Your Customized Program

Even though Good Spirited will customize the program and training materials to suit your organization's needs, sometimes you may want a completely creative and innovative program. We can do that for you.

Just let us know what you want, we'll send our Performance Management Consultant to meet with key stakeholders.

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Creativity to Innovate

Day-to-day expectations can place invisible shackles on creativity and innovation. Put work to the side for a little while to stimulate the team's creative spirit.

Plenty of research shows that reducing stress and relaxing or having creative fun is the path to innovation. Not only a great teambuilding program, it gets your team thinking differently. Try it!



New Manager Crash Course

Just because someone is good at their previous job does not mean he/she is going to make a good manager or leader. Besides, treating their team the way they were treated isn't necessarily going to motivate that new team. Every person has different needs.

Great managers learn best practices and address the needs of each individual on the team.

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