Good Spirited Consulting Co

  • We help you fix what isn't working

  • We will customize a program to meet your needs

  • Expertly guiding managers to become leaders

  • Helping leaders earn commitment rather than just compliance

Determine training needs


Identify Performance Improvement Opportunities

Determine the business goals, identify what is working and then replicate that success throughout the organization.

People are a business's most important resource but training isn't always the best solution. Our performance improvement consultants will identify the best solutions to help you meet your goals.

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Design and deliver training


Develop & Deliver Solutions

Since not all solutions involve training, we will formulate a custom solution for your organization. We work with you to develop the job aids, standardized processes or training to improve performance.

Whether you are looking for leader-led or remote learning options, we can tailor a program for your special needs. All seminars are highly interactive and optimized for various learning styles.



Analyze Results

Part of the analysis may involve getting critical input via a 360 feedback tool. Executive and leadership coaching helps good managers become great leaders.

Of course, there must be a follow-up to any performance improvement plan or educational program to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Surveys, observations, analytics and other tools are used to determine success of any training seminar

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Good Spirited Team Building


Good Spirited Provides a Team of Leadership Experts

We know you are busy juggling customer demands and employee expectations while still trying to make a profit. Leading a team of motivated and aligned individuals requires an investment in time, process development and training, but the dividend payoff will be huge when done correctly.


Good Spirited provides performance improvement analysis to identify key areas to help you improve your organization's ROI. If needed, GSCC designs and delivers training, seminars and leadership or executive coaching.


We have a powerful and experienced team of leadership and management experts located in major cities across the country. Each business consultant has a variety of certifications and degrees in addition to extensive experience doing what they teach. We are not just smart people, we have real-world, hands-on experience.